Declaration in three languages
«First seek the Creator in yourself, and the Talents will be applied to you!»!
What is ready today
◉ Found a real estate location for the launch of the Affiliate Embassy Sfera Camp and the game "Metamirror" for adults and children, with the potential to grow the location into a point of attraction, as a cinema and party Metta (territory of advanced socio-economic development)

◉ Two mobile apps in the AppStore + GooglePlay acting as a smart dating service that adapts to your business and personal interests, with an interactive globe and SFERA inventory

◉ Tech teams are staffed by Front, Back and AI

◉ Tech team for writing Sfera Chain blockchain

◉ The growth team is staffed by ≈30% of ≈90 people (flexible design, grid here)

◉ Single point of synchronization: + User agreement with Magic Video Academy Web4 and Tokenomics

◉ Functional NFT collections Immortal & Rampager on

◉ Affiliate and Ambassador programs providing access to Affiliate Embassy Sfera Camp

◉ An elegant legal structure for tokenomics in the language of classical economics, and registration in the IT zone under the Ministry of Finance of Georgia (link to Legal document below)
Buy SMT+TMT tokens with a TMT buyback agreement in 6 months at a price of $1 - $2.5 - $5
This is an infrastructural investment in the Web4 ecosystem with a working iOs + Andr Mob App and a launch site for a cinema-party-sharing space on Koh Samui as a base for Affiliate Embassy Sfera Camp's. Involvement is divided into 100,000 SMT, special functions of the ecosystem will be unlocked in the presence of SMT, and the exchange commodity-barter unit in the online and offline ecosystem of Sferaland is TMT - the ransom is due to the buyback of this coin, but if you understand tokenomics, you will understand that it is more profitable to send them in Holding at 100% per annum and get a x7 multiplier for each token in the ratings for mining 99% TMT. We are creating Sfera Chain - a geolocation blockchain that combines objects of the real and virtual worlds to become the leading Web4 application in the Dating, Travel and Entertainment industries
Sfera Metaverse Token (SMT)
— is a stablecoin provided with assured discounts and payments from rent and licenses
Talant Metaverse Token (TMT)
— stablecoin provided with assured services and services, ecosystems and communities
This is a wrapped commodity Asset token. It represents an indisputable right to receive client access to SFERA inventory at the PLUS, PRO & TOP powerups rate. Burns out after use
We want to be an operator and provider of information about crypto-tools that unite people and Web4, where the user will own their data, and monetize their own time and mine in-game assets received for physical and intellectual actions, in-game scenarios at events
We are building infrastructure for music festivals with campsites + glampings, with game immersive park space, mob app and the cinema universe. The task is to create a constellation of cinema-meta-camps in warm countries to develop the brands of our equatorial community in the DAO Sfera Chain format and the SMT involvement token
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and may the Talents of the Creator be with us!
Growth Hacking Team
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SFERALAND are your tools to realize yourself and create comfort in the life of the Family and Society

* - the rate is adjusted weekly on Wednesdays after payouts so that the TALANT is equal to $10
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