ZH Rainbow Space

⚫️ We invite you to the secret community of 1000 founders of Sferaland - a universe where you can quickly and easily find soulmates in different parts of the planet, saving your time⏳
We are honored to invite you to celebrate the cycle change celebration, the starting of the mint of a limited collection of 1000 Artifacts NFT of Omnipotence
There are 4 levels of artifact rarity in total:⚡️ Lightning Immortal Thunderer - 50 pcs
Legendary Samurai Blade - 100 pcs
Epic Spartan Shield - 300 pcs
Rare Hero Swords - 550 pcs
☀️March 20, on the day of the Spring Equinox - the Sun will rise perpendicular to the equator, at this time of the year, portals between the worlds open, day will equalize with night, an astronomical autumn will come in the southern hemisphere, and we will finally find ourselves in the official phase of the long-awaited spring
The power of this universe will be contained in these artifacts. Their owners will become the most influential people in the whole Sferaland, who will be able to open a spatial magic portal and leave this sinful planet for a while. They will become a part of a special mystery, passing through a rabbit hole in full of bright shades virtual halls of the Wandering Souls of Sferaland, and taste the secret potion that brings wealth and enjoy the music of the celestial spheres
In response, Sfera will show your soulmates✨
Everyone who invites their friends to Sferaland establishes a magical connection with the new wanderer and becomes his guide, and as soon as he brings his first gifts, the GrandMaster will share 4 gold coins with the one who let this wanderer into this metaverse
In Sferaland, for the first 3 days you have all the magic of the all-seeing eye of this space in order to easily find the most soulmates, but after 3 days, to safe this power, you need to bring gifts of 10 gold coins for GrandMaster for 30 moons
With the magic Sfera, you will change the world around you! Answer the main three questions:
1) What do you do best and how could you be helpful?
2) How are you developing?
3) What kind of people are you interested in?
All the artifacts of the 1000 founders are quantum entangled with each other, and are minted from the same stardust.
Each of the artifacts is a unique piece of the overall puzzle that will complement the previous ones and reveal secret new possibilities with the privileges of their owners
When 1000 NFT afrtefacts are created, the Real World will never be the same again. With a magical whirlwind, we will open the gates to the sun's rays in the Real World from this metaverse
GrandMaster loves easter eggs, and prime natural numbers that are divisible by itself and divisible by one✨ Follow the white rabbit
Now it is known about the mysterious artifacts that their owners will be able to give other residents of the Sferaland stronger magic with the wanderers they invited to this world, and receive more gifts from the GrandMaster
#1 and #1000 artifacts are connected by sacred geometry, and for the 1000th mint, the Grand Master will need the very first one, he will want to buy it back from you for x25 of its initial cost, but you will hardly want to give it away✊
Think of it as a seed round, do it!
By purchasing art from the "1000 founders" collection you acquire a story that you will be proud to share with the guests of your collection.

Become a part of digital art history and collect the most gamified NFT art in history!