Sferaland - is a business interactive magazine about the collectible card game
Find your perfect. Stronger together!
Find your perfect. Stronger together!
Find your perfect. Stronger together!
where users find their like-minded people with similar hobbies and goals in order to create collections from them and compete in the collectors' tournament for a prize of $ 100,000
Our magazine is designing in the form of an interactive globe, which allows users to personally find people (playerlist), events (eventlist), communities (partylist), spaces (spacelist), routes (travellist), vacancies (partnerlist), team building (teamlist), loyalty programs (questlist).
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We are launching a tokenomics with the TALANT token, which will become the main means of payment in the Entertainment Industry (cinema, restaurants, events, attractions, music festivals, children's events, conferences, etc.)
virtualization of business processes of the event and tourism industry, rental housing and restaurant business
Tasks of the pilot project
We start to tokenize the business of process of the event and tourism industry, rental housing and restaurant business on Ko-Phangan Island. This is a mechanism for transferring the real space to the digital environment.
We do not just create an NFT or a virtual card, we completely transfer the business to a digital environment. Where will be carried out the external and internal activities of the company: management, control, transactions, sale of property and income generation.
Now the stage of implanting the blockchain into the ecosystem, we divided participation into tokens and now sell early access through Initial Dex Offering (IDO) 🦄✨👌, there are 6 parallel levels of reward systems for participation in the expansion of the Sferaland ecosystem
Sferaland Camp complex
This is a hotel complex in the form of Campings and Glempings, which actively influences to the participants: to focus attention on the true values of life, to search for inner supports, to broadcasts the ideas and energy of the spiritual practices. The author, with the help of art, explains complicated philosophical doctrines about the essence of human existence in a modern and available way, immerses the participant in the environment, where existential insights await him
New user experience for loyalty systems of brand and CPA networks, for completing tasks that provide the maximum level of loyalty.
The goal of the Blockchain Project is to create a basic decentralized inventory for Web 3.0, where the user will own his own data, monetize his own time and in-game assets received for physical and intellectual actions, within game scenarios at events
SHO Token Sale Launch Panel
SHO (Strong Holders Offering) is an offer for long-term investors - this is a token sale format from our future DAO Sferaland platform. Access to public and special Community Rounds for high-quality crypto projects are available with the TALANT token, and with the SFERA management token is early access available Community Round
Creation of a marketplace for the secondary market of functional NFTs that combine objects of the real and virtual worlds, as well as the creation of nominations for designers of virtual clothes, cash prizes will be awarded in tokens TALANT that will accumulate inside the marketplace
Loyalty program
The Sferaland space will present itself as a point of development for its own brand, with partner and ambassador programs for public figures in popular social networks. They will be able to hold their events and develop their brand in a comfortable creative environment on favorable terms for them
This is Sergey
Sergey's page will be seen in the selections by users with similar interests, and priority by those whom he added to their favorites.
For the first 3 days, everyone has all the magic of the all-seeing eye of this space, in order to easily find the most soulmates, after 3 days, to leave this power, you need to bring gifts of $ 10 for 30 moons, or 1 TALANT is the token of the Sfera.land ecosystem. More information can be found in the technology description
Your smart digital
business card holder
Sferaland aims to provide a new user experience for brand loyalty systems and CPA networks, for tasks that give the maximum level of loyalty
Your smart digital
business card holder

Your smart digital
business card holder


Role-playing Play-to-Earn game and multiplayer Metaverse, combining the capital of the real world and a decentralized economy, skillfully built on a fun and developing storyline of collecting business cards of your like-minded people, at events selected according to your common interests
Dmitry and his team create their own method of meeting people with similar interests within the framework of an immersive events - mixing a musical laser light show, role-playing games using a mobile application, fashion shows, auctions of functional artifacts NFT (loyalty programs), art galleries, dance techniques, VR / AR graphics, interactive art objects, visual techniques, combine modern calligraphy, graffiti, neo-academic painting, sculpting, mirror systems, use experimental materials: material for 3D printers, epoxy resin, edible ink, sheet and liquid gold, etc.
The goal is to build an infrastructure for a modern parent, where children will have an entertaining and educational steering program, and an immersive role-playing performance will be created for adults, with the best DJs, with a role-playing content program, with a fashion show, with educational lectures on BioHack1.61 campuses. The entire space can be interacted with for booking, via the Sferaland mobile app, some features will be unlocked only for TALANT, and early access with the SFERA token
1) What does he do best and how is he useful?
2) Where is it developing?
3) What kind of people is he interested in, who is he looking for?

He's in marketing, hosting a 3,000-guest Blockchain Life crypto conference, loves jogging in the morning, rides a white McLaren 720s, loves the car's futuristic bionic styling, and enjoys attending immersive electric music hangouts. Sergey is looking for a creative girl who will inspire him, as well as colleagues in the workshop, those who will be on the same wavelength with him and with whom you can have fun and usefully spend time expanding your social network. Sergey has already logged into Sfera.land and now he needs to answer the main three questions:
This is Victoria
She is a fashion blogger, creative director and artist in the bionic futuristic style, she is very interested in NFT, that's why she visited the Blockchain Life conference. She loves to do yoga in the morning and she loves going with her friends to immersive electronic music parties. Victoria would like to meet Prince Charming, with who she will be on the same wavelength. Victoria know about the competition from the BioHack 1.61 hotel complex, registered at Sfera.land to find a stylist and a girlfriend for stretching and at the same time win the competition
And this is Christina and Alexey
Their couple organizes immersive musical events, Christina likes fashion and creates fantastic outfits for fans of immersive events, goes to Fly Yoga class twice a week and dreams of creating her own clothing brand. Alexey is DJ, he saves for Lamborghini Urus, studies the crypto market, creates arts on Cinema 4D and After Effects and dreams of performing at Burning Man. They signed up on Sfera.land, to expand their reach and attract more guests to their events, to be seen in collections' users with similar interests, which they filled out by answering the main three questions:
1) What kind of event do you organize, describe them?
2) What is the benefit and development for the visitors?
3) What kind of people would you like to invite to your event?

With the magic sphere , you will change the world around you! The sphere will analyze your cloud of interests and structures your personal selections starting with the best match, so you can find your most soulmates saving time. The sphere will advise to Sergey on what topics should talk to Victoria; how Victoria can collaborate with Christina; points of growth for Alexey and Sergey, and will offer each of them to meet at an event according to their common interests