SFERALAND are your tools to realize yourself and create comfort in the life of the Family and Society. All in one mobile application where meet people, technology and art
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Declaration in three languages
This is a game where you create your collection of like-minded people and you earn together. The game turns your physical and intellective actions, meetings, communication, steps, time into currency and in-game tokens that can be use to level up your profile, pay for a monthly SFERA premium subscription or sell to other players for TALANT
Fill out the form during registration, indicate areas of interest: hobbies, leisure, professional activities and aspirations. The Mob App analyzes dynamic and static user interests, event feedback, activity, and more. And regularly updates collections of like-minded people and events for each user individually
To unite people and together create a new culture of communication based on hobbies, trust, creation, development, help and like-mindedness on the scale of an interplanetary civilization
SFERALAND is an Mob App for the events, dating and dating industry with flexible search, privacy and publicity options. Users enter an auxiliary reality where they can earn together and receive rare NFT rewards at events to your interests. The more common interests you have with the guests of the
event - the higher your rewards
How do we earn
The Sferaland community builds a socially responsible business on the desire of people to surround themselves with like-minded people. We are creating SFERA game inventory-globe
with power-ups:
PLUS for travelers
PRO for business
TOP for the brands
Three levels
of GAIN:
(the next one is available when the previous one is paid)
Game process
Add your
areas of interest
Fill out your profile and set up search filters. Get a personalized selection of users based on your interests every day. Take advantage of flexible public and private options, and share your location and plans with your like-minded people upon arrival in a new country or city
Scan the QR code of your
like-minded personal collections and earn more rewards at events of interest
Unite and earn
You can earn if you own an NFT glove and promote our mission by inviting new users to SFERA PLUS

To get an NFT glove, you need to verify yourself by passing KYC in the Sferaland mobile application. To do this, in your personal account, join the «Academy of Magic Web4.0»
For bloggers, photographers, musicians, artists, streamers, marketers, SFERA PLUS is an additional source of income, as well as a way to get to know and retain your audience

Sferaland provides a tool that will allow you to encourage your audience on social networks by holding a new generation of drawings, where the winner is determined not randomly, but according to your common interests

Invite your followers to Sferaland, motivate them to purchase a SFERA PLUS subscription for $10 months, and earn $4 from each participant for the first subscription or $1 for renewal
Find soulmates
in personal selection
your mood
for adventure
Spend time with like-minded people at events, collect mood crystals every 10 minutes and increase the chance of dropping more tokens and legendary NFT rewards
When a Mood Crystal coincides with an event, Walkers mine and accumulate Crystals. Their cost increases as players spend time buffing and upgrading the Walkers' stats, turning them into Teleporters - Boots of Travel
Each user has their own unique path. Choose a crystal that suits your mood, get a selection of users and events
Why now?
Be among the first to own NFT gloves from the legendary GrandMaster collection, which you can rent or sell to other players for USDT. The owner of the legendary NFT glove activates the second level of the affiliate reward line. Go to our telegram chat 1000 founders and write: “I want a second line"
Item Rarity
Look for rare collections on
Sferaland has a system with three stablecoins: two deflationary and one with 100% foreign exchange reserves. The presence of these tokens in the inventory will unlock advanced features and services of the offline and online Sferaland ecosystem
Sfera Metaverse Token (SMT)
— is a stablecoin provided with assured discounts and payments from rent and licenses
This is a utility token. It provides access to advanced ecosystem features that entitle the holder to benefits, discounts of 70% SFERA PLUS, PRO, TOP, and 30% to 100% on public services, hidden features and limited online and offline ecosystem services.
Talant Metaverse Token (TMT)
— stablecoin provided with assured services and services, ecosystems and communities
This is a wrapped commodity Asset token. It represents an indisputable right to receive client access to SFERA inventory at the PLUS, PRO & TOP powerups rate. Burns out after use
Go for rewards at events of your interests, invite friends and earn
GameFi Economy - the more massive the event and the more like-minded people are nearby, with whom you mutually scanned QR codes, the higher the SMT and TMT rewards for everyone
ZeFi Marshmallow Token (ZMT)
— stablecoin for good deeds with 100% foreign exchange reserves
With each SFERA PLUS, PRO, TOP subscription sold, the tithe remains in the Treasury of Cities and goes to good deeds through the ZMT token. Including for the salary part for employees of the care and support team, as we want to staff it with people with limited mobility from different countries who cannot move without a wheelchair or special means
SMT distribution
Unlock up to 76 months,
for team up to 41 months,
and tokensale up to 28 months
TMT distribution
The early birds of the SMT Sale rounds become participants in the Sferaland LLC bonus program, in which, in addition to the purchased SMT tokens, they receive TALANT (TMT) tokens as a bonus.
This is a creative environment, community and marketplace for functional NFTs for brands and creators! The laboratory is designed to enrich the world's science with talents, spread new knowledge and systemically reboot the event, travel and restaurant industry in the face of stressful changes.
Geolocation CRM system of access control and communication with clients
To develop customer focus, reduce marketing costs, virtualize, optimize and automate the processes of small and medium-sized businesses, this is a mechanism for transferring a real existing space to a digital environment. We do not just create an NFT or some kind of virtual card, we completely transfer business activities to a digital environment, where both external and internal activities of the company are carried out to manage, control, conclude transactions, sell property and generate income
№1 Marketplace
for VR fashion
Players can buy, sell or rent NFT artifacts that combine objects from the real and virtual worlds for TALANT to increase rewards
100.000 SMT
Voting Tickets
Sfera Metaverse Token —
club card of the community of founders of a new image of the future, they will contain the power of the entire metaverse of Sferaland
SMT Ticketing
We are creating a community of cryptofinance mass adoption evangelists to bring a culture of mass communication based on interests, trust, creation, assistance and sharing economy on the scale of an interplanetary civilization
Declaration of Sferaland:
We are building a branch of the Burning Man philosophy and a community of initiative masters at the Academy of Magic Web4 to pollinate 7.7+ billion people with new values and create a culture of mass communication based on passion, trust, creation, assistance and rational-economy of sharing and neighborly consumption. We are the Community and the Product that will awaken in people consolidation motives with a symphony of meanings: Progress, Peace, Love, Happiness, Freedom - it's a Team Game for Networking that we are going to capture the World for the sake of Progress, Peace and Love!
We create because we love to create. We improve what can be improved. We take roles, not wait for them to be handed out. Status and Money are important to us as a resource: they open up more opportunities to try new things and create more. We help because we want more cool things to happen in the world

Many people want to change the world for the better. In Sferaland, this becomes possible thanks to the new principles, values and social elevators set down in its basis. The SFERALAND community builds a socially responsible business on the desire of people to surround themselves with like-minded people.
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is woven into Web4.0
Get connected,
and may the Talents of the Creator be with us!
Growth Hacking Team
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SFERALAND are your tools to realize yourself and create comfort in the life of the Family and Society

* - the rate is adjusted weekly on Wednesdays after payouts so that the TALANT is equal to $10
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